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The Bush China Foundation is a leading voice in constructive conversations on U.S.-China relations. We bring together policymakers, business and community leaders, academics and others for action-oriented discussions on a wide range of topics related to the bilateral relationship. Tackling a diverse range of topics from energy trading to public health to business innovation, among others, the Foundation’s policy conversations highlight critical issues that are under-represented in existing U.S.-China discourse at both the government and non-government levels. Through world-class conferences, innovative policy hackathons and thought-provoking public forums, the Bush China Foundation fosters candid dialogues that generate new insights, innovative ideas and actionable policy recommendations, in order to strengthen relations and collaboration between the two countries among national and subnational officials; in the business and academic communities; and in people-to-people exchanges.

George H. W. Bush Conference on U.S.-China Relations

Honoring President Bush’s U.S.-China relations legacy, the Bush China Conference was launched in 2003 and is the only presidentially named conference focused on U.S.-China relations. The conference brings together Americans and Chinese every few years in various cities across the two countries to examine the challenges and opportunities in the bilateral relationship as well as in regional and global affairs and to brainstorm specific, actionable ways to solve problems and advance the interests of both countries and the world at large.

Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, speaks at the 2019 Bush China Conference
Panel at the 2019 Bush China Conference on 40 years of U.S.-China relations

2019 Conference
Houston, Texas | United States

2015 Conference
Houston, Texas | United States

2011 Conference
College Station, Texas | United States

2009 Conference
Beijing | China

2007 Conference
Washington, DC | United States

2005 Conference
Beijing | China

2003 Conference
College Station, Texas | United States

U.S.-China Policy Hackathon

Keying off the technology innovation concept of a “hack,” the exploratory development of innovative and novel solutions to problem sets, the Bush China Foundation’s U.S.-China Policy Hackathons task diverse teams of experts and stakeholders to compete in developing inventive solutions to pressing policy issues. Pioneered by the Foundation’s programmatic team, the U.S.-China Policy Hackathons are action-oriented, high-energy convenings that bring together U.S. and Chinese experts to work intensively in teams of three to four over a period of several hours to solve a particular policy problem critical to the U.S.-China relationship. The teams’ proposed solutions sets are then judged by a panel of experts before a live audience, who assess which team has devised the most viable idea. Winning teams’ proposals are potential launchpads for future Foundation programs and also are shared in backchannel conversations with our network and interlocutors in Beijing, Washington, DC and at the subnational level with various decision-makers and stakeholders.

A 2019 U.S.-China Policy Hackathon team develops its proposal on business innovation

October 2019: Regional-Level Policies to Promote Business Innovation Collaboration
Houston, Texas | United States

Millennial Masterminds of the U.S.-China Relationship

The Bush China Foundation regularly brings together the seminal minds of the U.S. and Chinese millennial generation for forward-looking and outside-the-box discussions on the U.S.-China relationship. Part of the generation born and raised in the 1990s, these exceptionally brilliant and talented individuals come from diverse backgrounds, including academia, policy, business, technology, journalism and law, among others. The Foundation’s Millennial Masterminds program is a platform to highlight millennial perspectives on critical issues in U.S.-China relations and to build lasting relationships among the drivers—or masterminds—of the U.S.-China bilateral relationship in the coming decades.

The Millennial Masterminds of the U.S.-China Relationship speak at the 2019 Bush China Conference

October 2019: The U.S.-China Relationship in 40 Years
Houston, Texas | United States

Forums, Panels and Roundtables 

With the aim of fostering thought-provoking and constructive dialogue on critical issues in U.S.-China relations among industry-specific professionals as well as the general public, the Bush China Foundation regularly organizes forums, panel discussions, roundtables and other events. Partnering with international relations organizations, universities, think tanks, chambers of commerce and others, Bush China Foundation forums and roundtables bring new insights, fresh ideas and realistic perspectives into the conversation around U.S.-China affairs.

May 2022: U.S.-China Track 2 Dialogue on “Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on U.S.-China Relations and the Asia-Pacific”

May 2022: Innovation Insights with the AAPI Community

April 2022: U.S.-China Strategic Policy Dialogue on Ukraine

March 2022: How Hong Kong and Taiwan Impact the Future of U.S. Policy toward China

January 2022: Achieving Equitable Supply Chain Transparency

December 2021: U.S.-China Roundtable Discussion: Eliminating Energy Poverty in “Bottom Billion Communities

November 2021: Peace Through Sport Dinner celebrating 50 years of Ping Pong Diplomacy

November 2021: U.S.-China Roundtable Discussion on Digital Technologies and Urban-Rural Health

November 2021: International Carbon Neutrality and Green Investment Conference

October 2021: U.S.-China Strategic Policy Dialogue on Afghanistan

October 2021: Current Trends and Future Expectations Regarding U.S.-China Tariffs and Supply Chains

September 2021: 12th U.S.-China High-Level Political Party Leaders Dialogue

September 2021: Charting a New Course in U.S.-China Relations: A Conversation with Ambassador Qin Gang

June 2021: U.S.-China Carbon Neutral Technology Innovation Summit

May 2021: U.S.-China Strategic Policy Dialogue

Health, Healthcare, and Cooperation to “Build Back Better” in China and the US: Views from China

Double Book Launch: Chinese Foreign Policy toward Central Asia and the Silk Roads

July 2020: Webinar on “Hong Kong National Security Law – A Legal and Economic Discussion”

June 2020: Webinar on “Overcoming Challenges of COVID-19 and Evolving Opportunities in the Post-Pandemic Era”

May 2020: Webinar on “How to Prepare for the New Normal”

September 2019: Panel on Popular Protests in Greater China