Webinar: The Future of Asian Geopolitics, Trends for the Coming Decade


June 17, 2021 

Peace for Asia’s Global Peace Ambassador Rita Anwari Sultani is in conversation with Rodger Baker of Stratfor – A RANE Company, and Bush China Foundation senior fellow, on the Future of Asian Geopolitics. The discussion majorly analyses the rise of China, America’s importance to the Indo-Pacific and the post-withdrawal scenario in Afghanistan.

Peace for Asia is a not-for-profit research-based collective primarily focused on documenting and researching human rights violations taking place all over Asia. We aim to bring a more conscious attempt to how international and intergovernmental proceedings affect those who exist as minorities and stand to be adversely affected by policies and the currencies of a globalized world. Peace for Asia strives to create and disseminate non-partisan and independent research that is intersectional in its approach, cognizant of the nuances that exist in societies and communities as a whole.