Ryan Ray writes “From China with Love” for The War Room

June 10, 2020

by: Ryan Ray

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If China wants to avoid the wrath of the western world, there is only one path to accomplish that: make nice with the EU. Not only does China’s Xi Jinping understand this, but he is also working to repair China’s relationship with the EU, starting with Germany. With Germany taking over the rotating six-month presidency of the EU in July, it makes sense that he’s focused a lot of his efforts there.  

We briefly discussed on Monday that the US is pulling 9,500 troops from Germany. This would still leave well over 20,000 stationed in Germany. For its part, Germany, along with everyone else (it seems), has cried foul, citing “national security” because of the dreaded Russian boogieman. The relevance? One of China’s biggest allies is — wait for it — Russia! Germany is a free country (except for the whole EU thing), so I have no issue with them making deals with whomever they see fit. However, it is odd that if Russia is a threat, then shouldn’t their ally be also?