Trade & Investment

The U.S.-China trade and investment relationship is the largest and most consequential bilateral trading relationship in the world. For U.S. businesses, China is the second-largest foreign market as well as the fastest growing market for U.S. sales since its 2001 entry into the World Trade Organization. Over the past 40 years, the trade and investment component of the U.S.-China relationship has largely stood out as the most visible and fastest growing area of cooperation between the two nations, often acting as a ballast when collaboration in other parts of the relationship have faltered. Despite a sharp deterioration in the overall tenor surrounding the trade and investment relationship in recent years, mainly at the national level, and notwithstanding the intractability of some issues on the current agenda, corporations, investors and other businesses from both countries have continued to seek out and pursue new opportunities and modes of cooperation in trade and investment.

The Bush China Foundation is a national-level resource for businesses and communities who want to realize opportunities in the United States and China through increased business, trade and investment. The Foundation regularly engages with state and local officials, businesses, investors and economic development organizations to provide a deeper understanding of the U.S. and Chinese polity, economy and market and to connect businesses and investors in both the United States and China in order to maximize the economic potential of the bilateral relationship.