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Candid Convenings

The Bush China Foundation is a track 2 diplomacy hub that brings together Americans and Chinese for candid, unofficial discussions on key national security, trade and social policy issues in the bilateral relationship. These conversations between current and former government and military officials, political leaders, business leaders and academics seek to further understanding between the two countries and to advance practical steps that will generate benefits for both nations. Track 2, or backchannel, diplomacy cuts across all of the Foundation’s programs. The insights, perspectives, advice, ideas and recommendations that are generated in our convenings and meetings inform the Foundation’s engagement with decision-makers and policymakers at the national and subnational level in both the United States and China.

U.S. and Chinese former diplomats and academics confer in Houston, Texas

May 2022: U.S.-China Track 2 Dialogue on “Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on U.S.-China Relations and the Asia-Pacific”

April 2022: U.S.-China Strategic Policy Dialogue on Ukraine

October 2021: U.S.-China Strategic Policy Dialogue on Afghanistan

September 2021: 12th U.S.-China High-Level Political Party Leaders Dialogue

May 2021: U.S.-China Strategic Policy Dialogue

September 2020: Bush China Foundation Takes Part in Discussion Between Think Tanks on U.S.-China Relations