David Firestein Speaks to Austin Rotary Club on “U.S.-China Relations 2021: Issues, Challenges and Prospects.”

April 26, 2021


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David Firestein, President and CEO of the Bush China Foundation, spoke to the Rotary Club Austin University Area on Monday, April 26, 2021 on “U.S.-China Relations 2021: Issues, Challenges and Prospects.”

Mr. Firestein began his remarks by examining the deterioration in the U.S.-China relationship over the past four years, noting polls that show it reaching a modern-era low-point at the end of 2020. He further examined critical questions facing the relationship today, including: As the Biden Administration takes the reins of the U.S. government, what is the current state of the U.S.-China relationship?  Where are the issues currently on the agenda?  What are the major disagreements?  What are areas of possible collaboration?  What are the near-term and longer-term prospects for the relationship? 

Mr. Firestein answered audience questions concerning ways the United States and China can maintain competition while finding areas of mutual support, the future of U.S. tariffs on China, Hong Kong, human rights and cross-strait relations.