The China-Texas Nexus with Texas State Representative Gene Wu


March 15, 2023

In recent years, China has moved to the center of the federal public policy agenda. Increasingly, it has become a significant topic at the state level, as well. The economic and commercial relationship between China and the state of Texas is substantial and indeed globally significant; China is among Texas’ top export destinations and sources of imports and investment and Chinese students attend Texas universities in large numbers. Despite these connections, some Texas state legislators are introducing bills aimed at immigrants and visa holders from China. One effort, discussed in this podcast, would ban Chinese immigrants from acquiring and owning real property in the state of Texas. If passed, such legislation would likely have far-reaching, and perhaps not fully understood, consequences for the state’s economy, inbound investment and the lives of the many Chinese immigrants who lawfully call Texas home. Another bill introduced after the recording of this podcast would bar Chinese immigrants from attending Texas public colleges and universities.

Joining David Firestein to explore the topic of China as a public policy issue in Texas as well as local AAPI issues is Texas State Representative Gene Wu, who represents part of Houston and is a lawyer by trade.

In addition to his role as a state representative, Gene Wu currently serves on community advocacy organization boards such as the OCA-Greater Houston Advisory Board, the Chinese Community Center Advisory Board, and the Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Centers Advisory Committee. As an attorney, he serves as a Attorney representing minors in court in either criminal or CPS cases. Additionally, he is passionate about supporting young people becoming active in civic roles and is proud advocate for the AAPI community across Texas and the nation.

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