Seong-Hyon Lee

Visiting Scholar | Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University

Seong-Hyon Lee is a visiting scholar at the Harvard University Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies. Previously, he served as director of the Center for Chinese Studies and the Department of Unification Studies at the Sejong Institute, a foreign policy and national security think tank in Seoul.

He is the author of The U.S.-China Competition: Who will rule the world? (Books Garden) and appeared on a lecture series show “JTBC’s Distinguished Class.”

Dr. Lee is a graduate from Grinnell College, Harvard University and Tsinghua University. He was a Pantech Fellow at Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University, Salzburg Global Fellow and James A. Kelly Korean Studies Fellow of the Pacific Forum CSIS. Currently, he is a non-resident senior fellow at Peking University Center for Korean Peninsula Studies and Seoul National University’s China Center.

He is a frequent contributor to scholarly articles in academic journals, including China Report, The Washington Quarterly, Asian Perspective, International Journal of Korean Unification Studies, Journal of Korean Studies, on topics that include the Korean perspectives on U.S.-China and China-Korea relations and China’s relationship with North Korea. In addition, he penned numerous policy papers on national security and foreign policy in East Asia. He gave lectures and talks for the Council on Foreign Relations, Harvard Kennedy School, Stanford University, RAND Corporation, University of Pennsylvania, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, Hudson Institute and the National Assembly. He provided briefings to South Korean presidential candidates and advised corporations on China such as Samsung Electronics.

Dr. Lee is fluent in Korean, Chinese and English. He previously served at the 8th U.S. Army Inspector General’s Office in Yongsan, Seoul.