Ryan Ray

CEO, Ray Global Advisors and War Room Media

Ryan Ray is the CEO of Ray Global Advisors and War Room Media and is an internationally recognized media personality and geopolitical strategist. A 15-year veteran of the energy industry, he has given presentations on the oil and gas industry in the United States and internationally. He has published articles in Right of Way Magazine, World Pipelines Magazine, and Xinhua, which is the biggest and most influential media organization in China. During his tenure at R-Squared Global, Mr. Ray led two teams that won international mapping competitions and, most recently, was on the winning team at the 2019 George H. W. Bush Conference on U.S.-China Relations policy hackathon competition. In early 2020, he joined the Board of Advisors of the George H. W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations and the Foundation’s U.S.-China Coronavirus Action Network. 

Also, Mr. Ray hosts the  Inside the War Room Podcast, Texas Oil and Gas Podcast, Energy Week Podcast and the Global Energy Leaders Podcast, clocking over 600 hours of broadcasting expertise. In 2018, he co-authored Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry: A Handbook of Practical Advice  and was also recognized with the “One to Watch” award at The Pipeline and Energy Expo (PEX) 2018. 

Professionally, Mr. Ray is the founder and CEO of Ray Global Advisors and War Room Media. Before that, he worked for R-Squared Global starting in 2005 and became the owner and CEO of R-Squared Global in 2019 – which he then sold at the end of 2020. In 2016, he founded War Room Media in hopes of bringing a fresh perspective to the media landscape. Since 2014, Mr. Ray has traveled to multiple countries and consulted with industry leaders, ambassadors, and other government officials. He was honored to be an advisor to the chief operating officer of the Department of Energy for South Africa from 2015 to 2017.  

Also, he regularly writes about business, finance, and productivity in his Five Wide newsletter.

Mr. Ray makes his home in Granbury, Texas with his wife, a rambunctious puppy, and four even-more-rambunctious children.