Jacob Shapiro

Jacob L. Shapiro

Founder and Chief Strategist |Perch Perspectives

Partner and Director of Geopolitical Analysis | Cognitive Investments

Jacob L. Shapiro is the founder and chief strategist of Perch Perspectives, a human-centric business and political consulting firm that applies geopolitical expertise to business strategy. He advises companies and governments on the nature of political, social and economic power and how these forces influence and impact the world around us every day. He is known for challenging his clients’ perspectives to empower them to make accurate, informed decisions and gain a more holistic view of the events and issues that impact them. Additionally, Mr. Shapiro is Partner and Director of Geopolitical Analysis at Cognitive Investments.

Mr. Shapiro is the former director of analysis at Geopolitical Futures, where he managed a team of analysts in forecasting geopolitical trends and events. Before that, he was a Middle East analyst and director of operations at the global intelligence firm Stratfor. He holds a master’s degree with distinction from Oxford University and a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Near Eastern studies.