Policy Visits to U.S. Heartland Communities

Connecting Leaders

Each year, the Bush China Foundation hosts numerous Chinese businesses, military, government and academic leaders as well as U.S.-China affairs experts for visits to the U.S. heartland region. These visits connect leading experts on the U.S.-China relationship and Chinese policymakers to U.S. heartland communities whose unique insights and perspectives are under-represented in mainstream U.S.-China dialogues focused at the national level and where there exist underrealized opportunities for greater U.S.-China ties. The Foundation’s policy visits also provide expert perspectives on U.S.-China affairs to key state- and municipal-level players at the heart of furthering critical subnational ties between the world’s two largest economies. In the past year, the Bush China Foundation has hosted or co-hosted a delegation of Chinese medical professionals, officers from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and experts on the U.S.-China trade and investment relationship.

China’s Ambassador to the U.S. Qin Gang visits Austin, Texas

A delegation of Chinese cancer specialists at The University of Texas at Austin