Diversity and Community Building in Technology with YJ Lin


August 15, 2022 

Every so often on our podcast series we slightly depart from issues within the strict U.S.-China geopolitical context to examine subjects that are indirectly affected. This is just such an episode, where we will speak about the necessity of diversity and community inclusion in both technological advancements, but also in strengthening our nation against what divides us. As we have seen acutely in the past few years, attacks and hate toward the AAPI community have become more widespread. What can we do to diffuse tensions in our communities? How can technology help different communities come together?

Host Leslie Tisdale Reagan is joined by YJ Lin, senior program manager at Dell for Startups Strategic Partnerships, to answer these questions.

As the Sr. Program Manager for Dell Technologies, YJ collaborates with Startup Communities all across the U.S. to help bridge corporate resources to entrepreneurs to help drive technology enablement. YJ is also a speaker and moderator that helps facilitate conversations for organizations on how they can build sustainable communities. In his free time, he runs a small business creating custom board game pieces and volunteers to educate kids on finding the right mentors for their lives!

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