SupChina Podcast: How do Chinese people view the United States?

November 26, 2021

Hosted by: Kaiser Kuo; Guests: Yawei Liu and Michael Cerny

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On this episode of the SupChina Podcast, Senior Fellow Yawei Liu spoke on the important facets of the Chinese perspective, popular Chinese sentiment toward the United States and Chinese perceptions of how China itself is perceived internationally. The Carter Center’s China Perception Monitor recently partnered with RIWI Corp, a Canadian survey data collection outfit, to survey just a short of 3400 Chinese people in the PRC. Host Kaiser Kuo explains the results are very interesting if not entirely surprising.

Yawei Liu is the senior advisor on China at the Carter Center in Atlanta and a senior fellow at the Bush China Foundation and Michael Cerny is the Associate Editor of the U.S.-China Perception Monitor and an infill candidate at Oxford.