SD Talk Show: David Firestein interview on current U.S.-China issues

May 13, 2021

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In this interview with Sky Dong, Bush China Foundation President and CEO David Firestein highlighted areas the Biden Administration has outlined for potential cooperation with China including nuclear nonproliferation, public health, climate change, and other issues. He further stated that the Biden Administration is approaching China in a realistic, thoughtful way and considers China a formidable competitor. This is particularly in contrast with some of the policies and rhetoric of the Trump Administration, he noted, which inaccurately labeled China an enemy of the United States.

Later in the interview, Mr. Firestein asserted his support for Taiwan joining the World Health Assembly, citing a recent statement on the issue from Secretary of State Blinken. “You need everyone at the table when you’re talking about a global pandemic,” he said. “I think the United States position on this is the right position.”