David Firestein and Da Wei on the Pacific Dialogue



February 24, 2021 

On February 24, Foundation President and CEO David Firestein spoke alongside Foundation Board of Advisors member and Tsinghua University Professor Da Wei in a Pacific Dialogue episode hosted by James Chau. The discussion centers around areas of contention and possible collaboration in the U.S.-China relationship, including climate change, COVID-19, and more productive diplomatic rhetoric on both sides. When asked about the Foundation’s namesake and legacy, Mr. Firestein offered the following comment:  

“George H. W. Bush brought some very deep insights about China, its strategic intentions and its culture into the Oval Office. Our nation was the better for those insights having been a part of his presidency.” 

On the issue of climate change, both Mr. Firestein and Dr. Da agree it is an area China and the United States can better collaborate, along with other global partners. On the topic, Mr. Firestein concluded that “climate change can become a positive focal point for collaboration that is meaningful, results-oriented and that focuses on making people’s lives better.” 

View the full discussion, which further covers the latest developments in Myanmar, the Biden Administration’s approach to China, and how to best stabilize the bilateral relationship.