Assessing the impact of the U.S. presidential election on U.S.-China relations

November 7, 2020

by: Zoe Leung and Cameron Waltz

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On November 7, David Firestein, president & CEO of the Bush China Foundation, was interviewed by Sarah Wong on Talk the Walk, a business news program hosted by the Hong Kong International Business Channel (HKIBC).

According to Firestein, there will not be a sea change overnight in the way the U.S. approaches China when President-elect Biden takes office. He explained that Mr. Biden has a long-established public record regarding his approach and tone towards China, fully recognizing that China is immensely important to the future of the United States, in the same way the United States is important to China.

Firestein also commented on how the new administration may view the continually evolving issues of Hong Kong, Taiwan, trade and tariffs between the two countries, the prospect of a Russia-China military alliance and the U.S. Indo-Pacific policy.