May 12-13, 2021
On May 12-13, 2021, a delegation of former officials and experts from the United States exchanged views with their Chinese counterparts on critical issues of common concerns and interests. These discussions were part of the inaugural U.S.-China Strategic Policy Dialogue organized by the George H. W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations in partnership with the Institute for Global Cooperation and Understanding (iGCU) at Peking University in China. The dialogue was held virtually on Zoom.

The new platform seeks to facilitate action-focused exchanges between the two countries, as bilateral relations remain strained under the new Biden administration. The delegations comprised former political and military leaders and academics from the United States and China. The discussions addressed misunderstandings and common grounds in the U.S.-China political, security and commercial relationships.

The event’s summary and more information can be found in a report released by the Bush China Foundation.