Energy Transition

U.S.-China Supply Chain Working Group

The Bush China Foundation is establishing a Global Supply Chain Initiative to improve policies related to supply chain efficiency and effectiveness worldwide, with a special emphasis on the U.S.-China supply chain and its impact on local U.S. communities. Global supply chain concerns are an increasingly critical factor in U.S.-China relations that impact businesses and have direct consequences for the daily lives of individuals in both nations. This initiative brings together experts on U.S. and Chinese economic relations for informative discussions on current trends and future expectations regarding tariffs and supply chain issues and the generation of relevant policy recommendations.


Restructuring the Global Supply Chain

The Bush China Foundation is exploring prospects for improving the stability and security of the global supply chain by shifting Chinese manufacturing operations to third countries conducive to facilitating business with U.S. and western companies. The project includes a case study of a U.S. AI and robotics company serving a worldwide clientele and its Chinese manufacturing partner and a lecture series for Chinese businesses on how to efficiently and effectively integrate into the global supply chain via overseas operations.