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About the Council

The Bush China Foundation’s U.S.-China Corporate Leadership Council brings together corporate leaders to make impactful and enduring contributions to the advancement of U.S.-China relations. Comprising members of the largest and most successful companies in the United States, China and around the world, the U.S.-China Corporate Leadership Council is the premier global platform for advancing corporate contributions towards a more stable and sustainable U.S.-China relationship.

From global and national issues to local challenges, the Bush China Foundation’s U.S.-China Corporate Leadership Council is leading the charge to improve understanding between the United States and China with the power of our brands and our people.

The Council facilitates dialogues on contemporary topics critical to the U.S.-China relationship among an internationally diverse audience that spark innovative thinking so companies can create lasting and meaningful contributions to the relationship.

The Bush China Foundation’s innovative programs and expansive networks provide Council member companies with opportunities to cultivate the next generation of corporate thought leaders by connecting them with leading experts across various fields and deepening their awareness of U.S.-China affairs in a global context.

For more information on the Corporate Leadership Council, please contact Mr. Robbin Goodman.