Yawei Liu

Director | China Program, The Carter Center

Yawei Liu is the director of the China Program at The Carter Center. He became a member of the Council on Foreign Relations in 2014. He is also the associate director of the China Research Center in Atlanta and an adjunct professor of political science at Emory University.  He co-authored Obama: The Man Who Will Change America (Chinese language, 2008).  He is the founding editor of  www.chinaelections.org, which went online in 2002. Other websites he founded and oversees are  www.uscnpm.org (English)  and  cn3.uscnpm.org (Chinese). Since 2012, he has organized an annual forum on U.S.-China relations, which alternates in location between China and the United States. He currently leads a project to examine the impact of the rise of China on developing countries and to promote U.S.-China collaboration in African countries. Currently, Dr. Liu is leading a project on resetting U.S.-China relations for the 2020s.  Dr. Liu earned his BA in English literature from Xi’an Foreign Languages Institute in 1982, an MA in recent Chinese history from the University of Hawaii in 1989 and a PhD in American history from Emory University in 1996.