Marianne Gunnarsson

Yenching Scholar | Peking University

Marianne Gunnarsson is pursuing the law and society track as a Yenching scholar at Peking University and plans to attend medical school after completing her master’s degree. Before Beijing, Marianne graduated from Carleton College in 2022 with a BA in Chinese and over the summer took the highest level of Chinese as a critical language scholar at the college of humanities and sciences at Northeast Normal University. During her time in college, she also played erhu in the Carleton College Chinese music ensemble, took erhu and guzheng lessons from the pipa master Gao Hong and interned for the Mayo Clinic in a biomechanics and orthopedics lab. She was a George H. W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Affairs intern in 2020.

Marianne’s research interests encompass mental illness in the U.S. and China, transcultural psychiatry, and the ways in which the U.S. and Chinese societies interact with and conceptualize neurodivergence and mental illness.