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Andrew Carranco

Manager, Carranco Holdings

Andrew Lawson Carranco is the manager of Carranco Holdings in Laredo, Texas, United States. He manages various projects from water treatment to land development. Mr. Carranco, a native Spanish speaker, is an expert in the regional development of U.S.-Mexican trade relations. He is also active in U.S.-China relations as an advisor to the George H. W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations. In the past months, Mr. Carranco; his father, Chendo; and brother, Robert, have been aiding Chinese companies access medical equipment and positive pressure ventilation (PPV) equipment in Mexico. At the height of the crisis, the Carrancos were working around the clock, taking calls at all hours, connecting the right people with the right places.

Mr. Carranco is very active in the South Texas political scene. As a result, he has powerful insights on accomplishing tasks that must pass political review on both sides of the border, and as such, holds a unique understanding of the border culture. He has been in real estate development since 2010. After graduating from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, with majors in classics and Latin American history and a minor in ancient Greek, Mr. Carranco lived and worked in Trieste, Italy.  

Since returning to Laredo, he has been active in regional economic development and has taken particular interest in the effects of international trade at regional levels. Mr. Carranco is actively involved in the community and is an active Board member of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce, the vice president of the Boys and Girls Club of Laredo and Board member of the Laredo Next Generation Rotary Club. He is currently working towards his master’s degree in political philosophy and government from Texas A&M International University.